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MT63 - Setup and Training

Ontario County, Wayne County and many areas around the country are using this mode for emergency communications. Why? There are many good reasons. As amateur radio emergency communicators one of our prime jobs is to pass traffic. We practice this on our training nets all the time. Sure there is still a place for voice communication but for a majority of our work using some form of digital is faster, more accurate, more efficient, and more compatible with public safety and other systems.

Ontario County ARES/RACES has begun transmitting our training messages using MT-63 during our weekly training nets. Why MT-63? It is very easy to set up and use. There is a minimal amount of equipment needed (all that is needed is an HT and a computer with a sound card), you can use existing voice repeater systems, and it works even in marginal conditions.

It will take you less than an hour to get up and going with MT63. Click on the link below and we will get you started with installing and using MT63. Later we will give some training suggestions on how to use this mode.

MT63_button Click here to start

Why should I go digital?