Notes on how to send a mesages through WL2K via APRS

Your APRS station must have sent at least one APRS position report (beacon) prior to attempting to access this service You should also have a WL2K account. The account cannot be established using APRSLink -- you must send at least one message using Telnet or RF to create your Winlink email account (before you can use APRSLink).

Available Commands

If you desire notification of pending Winlink email just add the callsign of the APRSLink server somewhere in your station's position comment (or status text) and you'll be notified with an APRS message whenever you have unread mail on the Winlink system. Notification is sent once per day but is reset whenever you use APRSLink to access your Winlink email. In that way, mail received after you have read the current batch will trigger another notification.

Information edited and copied from the APRS Universal Text Messaging/Contact Initiative